What are Moon Puppies?!

Throw stilt walkers, aliens, and Dr. Seuss into a pot. Top it off with a handful of glitter...That’s The MOON PUPPIES!

We are the MOON PUPPIES, larger than life whimsical characters, who have traveled to Earth from the Land of Laughter, on a mission to spread joy, wonder, and sweet dance moves. We exist to create a world where people can embrace their inner child and see each other through a lens of positivity and acceptance. Because life is better when you’re laughing together!  

The MOON PUPPIES is a project by the Sneaky Planet Studios based out of funky Austin, TX.


Spear-headed by public and performing artist, Liza Fishbone, the MOON PUPPIES project came about in 2014 from a conversation with friends, a YouTube video, a wacky idea, and a grant from Wakarusa Music Festival.  The success of the MOON PUPPIES lies within its team of multidisciplinary makers and performers.

The MOON PUPPIES are mobile demonstrations of whimsicality. They frolic Earth spreading happiness, laughter, and sweet dance moves, by inviting people to playfully interact with each other and shed their inhibitions. When the MOON PUPPIES are present, reality is obscured by the rose-tinted laughter of passersby. 

Our goal is to spread the silly worldwide. You can bet that we LOVE to travel. We came all the way from The LAND OF LAUGHTER to explore Earth, and we'd love to come meet you!  


Meet: Liza Fishbone Creator of The Moon Puppies


Liza Fishbone is a painter, chalk, and installation artist based in Austin.

Through her work, she confronts the intangible nature of Space and Home, and explores the feeling of belonging one place and many places simultaneously. Liza uses the world around her as a canvas, bringing attention to surfaces otherwise overlooked. 

Growing up surrounded by painters, musicians and storytellers taught her the importance of public art and introduced her to world of thinking big. From a young age, she learned to paint by climbing alongside her parents as they created murals in St. Louis. Her work is heavily influenced by her time spent in the scenic department of The MUNY Opera, where she became obsessed with paint mixing, the studios of Syracuse University earning a BFA in Fashion Design, and traveling around the world with just a backpack.

Liza is also the creator of The Moon Puppies, an immersive art experience that transports people to a surreal and whimsical world and helps them rediscover their childlike sense of wonder.

She is a proud member of Chalk RiotOn The Wall ProductionsHOPE and Art Seen Alliance.

She is fueled by marshmallows, dance music, and getting lost under tall trees.

To see more of Liza's artwork, visit her personal website here.