Our Story

Once upon a time...

Millions of smiles away, a planet, suspended somewhere between Saturn and a black hole, hovered and watched over the galaxies. The planet was called The Land of Laughter.

In the beginning of the history of the planet there was Glitter. A Big Bang of magical wonderment.

A sparkle of Glitter shimmied and shook and OUT popped one arm, then OUT popped another. And came forth a MOON PUPPY.

The Moon Puppies exist to ask questions, find truth, and attain Quantum Fuzziness.

Physically, they resemble squiggly, joy-filled noodles, with jello-like teeth, arm tentickles, and enormous eyes of googly power. They bounce to and fro, wiggling and giggling, conversing in gibberish, inciting dance parties, and engaging in shenanigans. The Moon Puppies sleep in cuddle puddles, hanging upside down from furry tree branches. For sustenance, they munch on marshmallows and gin and tonics. For fun, they explore Land of Laughter, climbing Trees of an Odd Number of Eyebrows, searching for the mythical Giggle Mountain, and experimenting with Medicinal Orbs of Mumbo Jumbo.

The Moon Puppies and Earth

Once upon a time, an intrepid group of Moon Puppy travelers got on their hoverboards and sped off on an intergalactic road trip. They sought to visit a highly talked about, but rarely seen, roadside attraction called Earth. They thought it was going to be a gag, a sight you snap a photo next to and brag about back home. Yet, it was on Earth they encountered their worst nightmare… they saw violence, greed, graying grass, and silliness being sucked out of entire countries by little men with ugly ties. They saw used car salesmen exploiting lost Moon Puppy travelers, enslaving them to wave and flail in front of their businesses. They saw humans stomping on amazing moments and scaring sunsets with flashes from machines.

To the Moon Puppies, the encounter with Earth was so troubling, so disturbing, they couldn’t leave. They couldn’t abandon Earth knowing of these travesties. So, members of different Moon Puppy tribes - The Squidsicles, The Intergalactic Space Party, The Flower Power - decided to stay and educate the Humans on The Five Pillars of Moon Puppydom: Exploration, Acceptance, Equality, Friendship, and Silliness. The whimsical monsters frolicked together through the street, smiling at the human passerby, exclaiming gleeful compliments, and hugging the slouching shoulders of drifters. They would help the Humans find joy!


Below are paintings and illustrations of the Land of Laughter, the world the MOON PUPPIES come from.