We create immersive experiences through a hybrid of art installation and interactive theater. Moon Puppy events unlock doors to psychedelic worlds and by doing so, invite people to let down their guard, unleash their imagination, and find the silliness within themselves.

The MOON PUPPIES formed in 2014 and have since performed at various concerts, parades, and street corners throughout the country.

At Wakarusa, where music meets mother nature, we are all about appreciating and interacting with the natural beauty around us. That is exactly what The Moon Puppies are all about! They are a fun group that know how to make people smile and get into the moment! I appreciate the passion and inspiration they bring, and love seeing people interact with them. You know the dance party isn't too far when The Moon Puppies are around.

-Nicholas Tarr, Art Director Wakarusa Music Festival

The Moon Puppies are some of our favorite guests to have on stage. Their joy is contagious, and everyone from kids to festival go-ers to real-life grown ups get to experience the wonder that goes along with partying with them.

-Calliope Musicals


Our team of interdisciplinary artists will bring The Moon Puppy world to life through interactive playspaces built for your event. Patrons are invited to hang out among the furry trees of Giggle Mountain, explore the alien flora of Chuckle Canyon, and learn about the legends of The Land of Laughter. Our installations will be shelters for patrons to relax, reflect, make new friends, play, and be inspired. We will work with your event to create a truly out-of-this world experience. 


We don’t limit ourselves only to roaming performances! The MOON PUPPIES love to collaborate with experiential artists, musicians, and theatrical productions to create a truly interactive adventure.  We are always exploring new avenues of performance....a rock opera? a music video? an animation? You’ve got it! Have an idea? Let’s work together!



Based in Austin, TX

Travel: Nationwide (additional fees apply for travel 15+ miles from St. Louis, MO)

Fee: Please contact for full price sheet

Please fill out our form on the CONTACT page for full pricing and travel information.